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It Blows

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2015, 11:37 AM

Times when you just keep falling ill and can't draw.....................


Commission_Scissor Challenge by bodyscissorfan
Commission_Scissor Challenge
Commission for my dear friend :iconlillian-the-evil-one: on her iconic Amazonian OC, Lillian. Concept and art by yours truly. Quite a few watchers have been requesting me to draw her bodyscissoring someone. I had a word with Lillian and as always, she turned out to be such a sport. I hope you guys like it. This is our way of thanking yo all for your continued love and support. 

Lillian: 6'4", 385 lbs. (Different from the Minotaur story) Lillian's scissor victim: 5'6", 170 lbs.

A gym acquiantance of Lillian's, happens to secretly admire her Amazonian power and physique. He totally lusts after her ridiculously gorgeous and athletic bod. He invites Lillian to his house on a Sunday to have lunch together. However, he is rumored to be a real letch given to groping, peeping, BDSM and what not. Lillian having full knowledge of his true colors had always wanted to teach him a lesson. She doesn't hesitate to take him up on his offer.

At his place, after a few minutes of small talk, the pervert slowly diverts the course of conversation to Lillian's breathtaking attributes. He starts worshipping her prodigious legs while trying to have his way with her. Lillian warns him by saying that her gams are not just for show and they can take his life easily if they want to. Kowtowing to male ego he challenges Lillian to a scissor submission session. Exactly what Lillian has been looking forward to the whole time! She obliges happily.

Lillian allows the guy to have a go at her first. His legs, which look like spinly bird legs in front of those of Lillian's, could do shit to her body or her neck for that matter, as she keeps breaking free from all his holds in mere seconds. He can't even wrap his legs around properly given the size difference. With Lillian's turn, she just absolutely engulfs his body in between the vast expanse of her long mighty thighs. Easily locking her enormous stocky claves and thick ankles in place she starts scissoring the living fuck out of him. The pressure on his mid-section feels demonic. He gets totally outclassed by the true female leg strength of a real Amazonian fitness babe. Despite his best efforts, he fails to undo her godly powerful body scissor hold as he slowly fades away to the other side.  His ribs and internal organs all get mashed accompanied with sickening accoustics. All this fatal damage, when she isn't squeezing him with even half the crushing power that her unforgiving thighs are capable of producing. May he rest in pieces.  
Dangled n Mangled-The amazing power of female legs by bodyscissorfan
Dangled n Mangled-The amazing power of female legs
Thundra. As a femdom lover I've always adored and worshiped the Femizon powerhouse and so I just had to make something on her. This is a concept combat scenario where I have pitted our colossal warrior damsel against the likes of Morbius the living vampire. After toying with him a little, Thundra decides to put the big squeeze of death on her hapless victim. A 5"10' tall, 170lbs Morbius soon realizes what it means to be at the mercy of a strapping 7"2' tall, 350 lbs Femizon goddess whose built like a warship. Outweighed and outmuscled, Morbius wails like a limp pup as the gargantuan 45 inch man-crushing thunderous thighs of Thundra simply gobbles him up like a giant bear-trap and lifts him up in the air, holds him in that position and starts crushing him. This is an extreme version of body scissors where the victim is not even allowed a base to rest upon and can only flail his limbs in mortal agony and beg for mercy as his ribs and organs get cruelly buckled and crushed in between those huge powerful thighs that just keep dangling the victim's entire body midair. You can well imagine what type of strength and intent it needs to pull this off.

I had the idea of drawing this midair type body scissor hold and pick Thundra for the cause mainly b'cos of two reasons:-

1) I happened to see one of Lee Burks' awesome works on Joyce in his Vise of Vice series on LH-Art :-…

2) Well. Thundra's huge, like frigging huge. Also, if you're under the impression that prior to my fanart, Thundra's never put those massive gams to some good use in any canon work, then think again:-…

It Blows

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2015, 11:37 AM

Times when you just keep falling ill and can't draw.....................

Commission_Minotaur and the Queen

Hi friends! This here's my 3rd commission for my dear friend :iconlillian-the-evil-one: on her mighty Amazonian OC, Queen Lillian. You can treat this avatar of Lillian as my personalized souped-up warrior version of her already formidable base form. Here I've shown her taking out a terrifying man-eating Minotaur with her bare hands. However, just drawing the scene wasn't enough for me. I wanted to compose a speculative fiction to go with the illustration as well and so I cooked one up just in time. The genre is alternate history. My painting here actually depicts a climactic moment from the story itself. So to understand the finer aspects of this image you'll have to trouble yourself reading the following story that I’ve penned. Since this is my first time writing an accompanying piece, I can’t really say how it has turned out. Hope you’ll all read! :) :)

Title: Minotaur and the Queen


Concept, Art and Story by :iconbodyscissorfan: :-

It was a grueling epoch to live in for everyone. The ones appointed with the onus of ruling had it even worse. Almost every kingdom was at daggers drawn with each other. With war and religious bigotry constantly thwarting scientific advancement mankind was at the brink of harking straight back to the dark ages. As if that wasn’t enough, to make things worse a league of large powerful carnivores in the form of centaurs and Minotaurs had started emerging as mankind’s new nemesis. The brutes easily superseded average humans in terms of size, strength and speed. Going one on one against any of them always resulted in severe consequences. Perhaps they could have been bested if some gutsy men could have led even one united blitzkrieg against their fortified contingents. After all, man’s greatest strength lay in unity. Regrettably, the notion of unity was long stripped of its meaning. The juggernaut of war and famine that was rattling every nation had vitiated the minds of civilians and military alike. Insubordination and rebellion precipitating from the evils of imperialism had forced research and development to a grinding halt. Truth had blended with illusion. Mankind was at his vulnerable most. The dwellers of the netherworld couldn’t have chosen a better time to take him on.


Lillian, the fearless queen, had her own vision of imperialism. The veneration she enjoyed everywhere she went, didn’t belie her moral qualities. She had been anointed Queen not just by the virtue of her lineage but by popular choice as well. Lillian was extravagantly blessed with the perfect aptitude for gracing such a heralded position as hers. Amidst all the pandemonium that had broken loose, her queendom was the lone haven of solace that kept sparkling like an oasis. Governed under her deft authority, her people were living in an enviable atmosphere of peace and harmony. She was a strict disciplinarian as well as a humanitarian who would safeguard the fundamental rights of her people at all costs. She was not just any ornamental head of the state obsessed with her throne, but the most successful Commander-in-Chief in her time as well. As a war general on the battlefield, her victory percentage had spearheaded way past than that of any of her peers in her time, if there really were any peer for her in the first place. Owing to her versatile war tactics and invincible martial skills, she had never lost a battle in her life. Never had she once been put on the back foot. Any attempt of invading her realm’s sovereignty would have equaled suicide. A behemoth of a matriarch, she would bow down to no one. The maverick that she was, her administrative policies bore hallmarks of a true pioneer. If anyone could set the world straight it was her.


It goes without saying that Lillian was genuinely distraught by the dystopia the world was molding itself into. Her discomfiture was getting aggravated all the more by the frustrating news of exploits of the diabolical man-eating pests that she so longed to exterminate. It was not long before Lillian finally yearned to take things in her own hands. However, she had no choice but to shelve that idea for the time being. The growing tension that had been weighing down on two of her affiliated nations had robbed her of her beauty sleep. It was a matter that merited her urgent attention. Lillian had no other option but to embark on a fairly long diplomatic tour with her ministers, entrusting her queendom to a few adept men she had her faith in. Little did she know that a vicious Minotaur had been lurking in her shadows all along. His diet mainly comprised of human meat. No sooner had Her Majesty crossed the border, than the evil abomination started going on a rampage in her treasured province. He kept abducting her subjects one by one, none of whom could ever return alive. Many a spunky knight who served Lillian showed grit in challenging the mighty deviant, some out of the noble sense of duty while some out of avarice to get rewarded handsomely by their Amazonian queen. Yes, many a brave strong men thought they could bring their queen the monster's head but as life has it, no one's sword or spear could ever pierce the heart of the voracious feeder. In fact no one could get as far as touching even a strand of his hair. The fiend continued to have a gala time terrorizing Lillian’s people. It was as if he was sending out a message to her. Whether that was the case or not, the news had eventually found its way to Her Majesty’s ears.


Seething with uncontrollable rage, while at the same time feeling heavyhearted for her subjects, Queen Lillian decided to head back home immediately. What kind of a dissident would show the gall to commit such heinous crimes on her territory, she thought. Who had dared tarnish the mighty warrior queen's distinguished coat of arms and had lived to see another day? She was not a Queen who would desert her men in the face of tempest. If Lillian had ever felt any great threat approach her nation, she would step right up and have had herself grab it by the scruff of its neck and rub its nose across the ground. This time it was no different as she vowed to exact capital punishment on the offender and salvage her wounded pride.

With a monster running amok on her turf, Lillian couldn’t even get to properly mourn the death of some of her most beloved deputies. Time just wasn’t on her side. She had a job at hand and the Minotaur had a big role to play in it.  A few days later she found herself standing at the entrance of the alleged den of the most formidable barbarian her men have ever faced. Standing head and shoulders above the tallest of the tall from the posse of warriors mobbing her, the mighty queen licked her scarlet lips in ecstasy. She was there to deliver the goods. Her lackeys couldn't suppress their torrent of sentiments as their savior, the mighty Amazon, the ridiculously beautiful warrior 'Queen Lillian' was finally honoring their eyes with her holy presence. They could finally huddle behind her huge back like moles chased by a hawk and feel reasonably safe. Lillian could sense their anticipation, as well as their doubt and fear clouding their hearts. They were in no shape to accompany her into the cave. The constant shaking of their knees was a dead giveaway. Plus she could smell something obnoxious for quite some time. She knew what it was and felt thoroughly disgusted. "So much for storming in together”, Lillian was livid. “Okay, nobody has to join me in the expedition. Just stay here and enjoy the sunrise. And next time anyone dares soil himself in front of me I'll flay him with my own hands. Have I made myself clear?". Embarrassed and petrified, Lillian’s loyal followers yielded meekly as they stood clear of her.

Lillian proceeded to rid herself of any accessory she thought might get in her way. She then commenced a short warm-up routine. Built like a warship with her height pegged at an unrivaled 9 feet and weighing over 650 lbs, she was by far the largest and the strongest among her keen. Her admirers gasped audibly as Lillian's goddess like physique started radiating with bottomless power just as much as it was lavishly exuding her paramount feminine beauty. The first glow of the day that had just escaped the horizon jovially reflected off her healthy skin. She rolled her unfathomably ample hips as her humongous armory of powerful glutes threatened to burst right through her specially tailored leather tunic which was already having a hard time keeping up with her big full breasts bobbing on the other end. Her enormous muscles that were sculpted with so much precision by the Almighty Himself, glistened fabulously across the length and breadth of her monumental mesomorphic frame. Her strapping arms seemed more than capable of snuggling a grizzly to death. Her hulking legs could easily scissor a chunky mustang in half.  Her entire musculature was forged out of a bewitching combination of power and beauty. She just seemed to have stepped right out of a canvas with her majestic anatomy flaunting its immaculate concoction of curves, lines and humps. The high aesthetic quotient of her physique would suggest that she must have followed an evolutionary course entirely different than what others had in her time. No man could resist such a body. No man could ever hope to win that body over either. Lush silky amethyst locks of hair cascaded down her wide sinewed back. The magnific azure hue of her iris would remind one of sapphires shimmering in sunlight. Painted nails had never looked prettier on anyone’s digits. So beautiful were her huge feet that any mortal would express his wish to lick them clean after getting crushed beneath them. Everyone’s gaze was transfixed on her dazzling royal grace that would have made the Devil Himself go weak at his knees. Just when her subjects were struggling to come up with the appropriate set of adjectives that could aptly extol her regality, Lillian clapped her large hands and tapped the ground with one of her foot. That yanked them right back to reality. She was ready for the harvest. Her extremely pretty visage displayed no sign of hesitance. "Now then", she said with hands on her copious hips, "I'm going to greet this wretched being personally who's been bullying my little babies in my own backyard". Signaling her underlings to wait for her return, the mini giantess started for her hunt.

"Your Highness!!" uttered a snot-nosed knight getting the Amazon to halt reluctantly before shooting him a disgruntled glare.  "Your saber, Your Highness!!", said the young soul who was quite obviously running out of breath in just trying to lift his queen's hefty sword let alone lug it all the way to its rightful owner. Lillian’s face hardened. She walked up to him and placed her hand on his shoulder that instantly drooped from the added weight. She squeezed his narrow shoulder with her palm to dispel every hint of insecurity possessing his mind. Lillian then raised her other arm to do a powerful bicep flex. The knight craned up to look at what seemed like an ominous cannonball looming over his visor. The veins on her thick forearms became conspicuous as her pronounced triceps waxed to their full form. The cringing knight felt his heart skip a beat. Lillian then signaled him to steer his glance below her waistline that was in his line of vision. He obliged timidly. Putting her hands on her hips, she pushed her knee in and flexed her quads. Her vigorous legs thundered with a deluge of volume and vitality.  She then dedicated a few reps of exaggerated calf-raise to everyone’s staggering incredulity. The audience behind her gasped while trying their best to quantify the measurement of her enormous diamond shaped calves the size of millstones. The rumbling density of her meaty rails of hamstrings took their breath away. No matter how much they had studied the riveting geometry of her sacrosanct pair of legs in the past they could never get enough of them. Those legs were meant to be worshipped and were trained to take lives as well. She had made her point. The knight’s pupils had almost dilated to about the size of war shields. He gulped and collapsed on his knees while stammering out some obscure words of apologies, begging her forgiveness. Lillian put her long index finger on his quivering lips and shook her head. Leaving him to wrap his little head around the whole thing without wrapping her thighs around it instead, she set forth with lengthy powerful strides into the alien recesses of the hellhole where her uninvited guest had been overstaying his welcome for far too long.
Lillian’s surroundings had changed. The murky passageways were uncannily different from the outside world. As she progressed through the maze like corridors she could understand why anybody would have had a hard time navigating that uncharted territory. The honeycombed cave was cleverly sheltered from daylight. The route she had taken was utterly dank, not to mention outright confusing and spooky. Noisy bats were swarming everywhere. A few adventurous types decided to have a go at Lillian. She promptly swatted them to death. The surface beneath her feet was crawling with bugs, snakes, lizards, rodents, toads and what not. Lillian had no way of telling just how many she had accidentally trampled on her way. Her tireless pair of bare feet kept drowning out helpless croaks and bitter squeaks of unfortunate entities that couldn’t escape the range of her feet in time. Sharp sounds of tiny bones getting pulverized would reach her ears every time she would feel something either hairy or just plain slimy and scaly getting squashed to bean paste, under her big bare soles. At some point in time, her feet had begun to feel very sticky from all the accumulated blood and goo offered by the critters she had been leveling. She almost felt half bad for these tiny martyrs but hardly did she have the leisure to contemplate on any karmic backlash. The constant thought of an unbeaten man eating monster lying in wait didn't make things look any easy. Not everyone can be a lion-heart like Lillian though. Theseus had Ariadne on his side but Lillian only had herself to rely on. Where should she be browsing for her prey? She wondered why she had no prior knowledge of the existence of such a haunt. If not anything else it could easily qualify as a potential speakeasy for traitors conspiring against her regime. What if all of this was a set up? Perhaps an act of treason was underway in one of those chambers out there? Was she being ambushed? Time kept ticking away as all sorts of conjectures kept hounding her mind. At some point she felt that something other than slithery reptiles and slimy amphibians were getting crunched under her feet which by then had become caked with noodle like entrails and grains of shattered spine. Out of intense curiosity she picked up a plate like fragment with her toes and held it in her hands for a closer inspection.  Despite the piece being smeared with the pulpy animal remains of whatever she had squished up to that point, she could still make out what it was. A disfigured mandible. "There's no mistaking it. This is his lair. He's close by." she thought. Lillian continued to tread on the bone laden course that finally led her to probably the biggest chamber she had come across unto then. She could see some light coming in through a crack illuminating the area where she was heading for. She would occasionally scrape the terrain with her big toes in quest for further evidence. After passing a narrow bend she stumbled across something that warranted her undivided attention.  It was the unmistakable sign of human bones and skulls that lay strewn all over. Just how many human lives had this glutton swallowed? The horrific scene reminded Lillian of the catacombs. A cluster of charred rocks and wood ash could be seen at close proximity as well. She was now convinced that her reconnaissance was a success.

Her conviction was further validated by a clopping sound slowly approaching her from behind. A pungent musk which was already present in traces now spiked up with every step she could hear. Lillian could feel her adversary homing in on her as his angry grunts grew louder. "Well, well, the gourmet's here.", Lillian said with bated breath without even turning. The Minotaur wasn't humored. He just roared and swung his battle axe at Lillian's head. Lillian's highly trained muscles and battle instincts born out of innumerable fights that she had won, made her react just in time. “What! We’re skipping on the pleasantries then?”, Lillian joked as she ducked with impeccable agility and without even looking, launched a wicked scorpion kick aimed straight for her target's Adam's apple. The kick thrust him up in the air with immense force. As he crash landed he reached for his throat, frantically gasping for breath. Lillian quietly stood in her place and watched on as the flabbergasted beast writhed in agony and fear. She was closely observing the squirming Minotaur. It was the real thing, the one she had heard so much of from her men. She was seeing one for the first time in her life. He was big, intimidating and his appearance fit her men's description to a T. He would have appeared atrociously big to most men but not Lillian. His physical attributes hardly equaled that of hers. They weren’t even close. Lillian seriously belonged to a league of her own. One look at the two warriors and one could easily tell who had the upper hand in almost every department. Lillian wanted to study the creep a bit longer. The Minotaur was something she had only read about in books. It looked more grotesque in real life. A bizarre looking bovine beast having an insatiable appetite for human flesh. If Lillian wasn’t who she was, she would have long chosen to flee without bothering to do any exhaustive analysis of this half man-half bull creature. However, she was Queen Lillian who would gladly want to perform an autopsy on his corpse after she was done with him. She had her work cut out for her. She wasn't there to just praise biodiversity; she was there to squelch that nature's freak once and for all.

The buxom Lillian strutted forward and prodded his exposed butt with her big right foot. "Get up you sneaky coward, I swear I could've ended this with that one kick but I just held back at the very last second just so that I can enjoy killing you slowly". The Minotaur groaned in an attempt to express his inability to move. “What gives? Did you twist your scrawny neck or something?” she asked quizzically as her toes poked hard at his hairy nape. He showed signs of life. "Good boy, I knew you could handle at least this much. Now pick up your toy and come at me". The Minotaur was shaken to his core. Perhaps this was his first time taking a hit from his own prey. He had never come across any human that big and overbearing. He hunched over. Lillian could see through his plan. She got her guard up. The Minotaur mooed out loud and came charging at her at full pace. With a fervent intent to impale her with his horns he started to moo again but was cut awkwardly short halfway through. An invasive pain was impaling him instead. Lillian had clasped the base of his horns and had stopped him dead in his tracks. Try as he might, he couldn't budge an inch. Lillian's feet were firmly dug into the ground, her strong paws threatening to dismantle his horns. The test of strength went on for sometime until the Minotaur finally succumbed to Lillian’s superior physical prowess. His proud horns had developed fissures thanks to Lillian’s iron grip. He didn’t have the energy left to push Lillian back. Instead he was having loads of trouble in trying to remove Lillian’s big hands which were refusing to let go of his head. Lillian was under the impression that she was breaking a melon in half with her bare hands which was admittedly one of the few things she loved doing. The Minotaur had given up. Lillian was just too strong. She chuckled and pinned the end of his tail with one of her feet. She followed that up with a front headlock, heaved him up in the air and kept him in that position.  The Minotaur yelped out of excruciating pain. Lillian put him back down only to clinch him close to her bosom. "Still not going to use your axe, deary? My, my, your bravado is almost a turn on”, she taunted as she drove her left knee deep into his solar plexus. The Minotaur threw up. Lillian couldn’t just let this gesture go unrewarded. Still having him clinched, she launched a punishing right knee straight into his sigmoid colon. The Minotaur felt as if a mortar had just exploded on his lower abdomen. Lillian had already mapped out all the positions of his vitals in her head. She wasn’t even looking as she kept bombarding his abdomen with a barrage of knee strikes. One left knee would be followed by a right one and vice versa. Each knee kick emulated a ramrod getting driven right through his gut. The Minotaur tried his best to extricate himself from this hell. He pulled at her hair and clawed at her flanks just so he could find the faintest of chances to cut loose but so firm was Lillian's clinch on his neck that all he could manage was to hop around in circles like a fawn and get heavily kneed in return for all the effort. He couldn't weather this clinical onslaught at all. Lillian just wouldn’t stop no matter what he did. At the count of 26 or so when he couldn’t even balance himself on his feet any more Lillian granted him mercy. She let go of him. The trembling Minotaur couldn’t even stand while doubling up from all the hurt he had garnered. His hooves gave away as he plopped to the ground with a dull thud.

Coiled up like a centipede, the Minotaur kept panting and snorting. His belly was bruising and he was coughing up blood. His eyes were almost still and his arms had gone numb. Lillian was standing over him. She looked like an impregnable fortress bursting with power. A predator engaging her prey. A surreal human war machine and a dominating Amazon, who was used to steamrolling her enemies down to size. She was making short work of the evil denizen in entirety. Lillian wanted to drive her heel into his skull and see how things would have gone. She didn’t know whether to feel disappointed in her men or to just feel proud of her own extraordinary genes. Just when she realized that she was getting distracted by her train of thoughts, she suddenly felt a sharp sting shoot up her eyes. The Minotaur had retaliated with an old school trick. He had scooped up some dirt and ash from the ground and sprayed them on Lillian's eyes. With her vision killed, Lillian screamed out and started cursing him. The Minotaur wanted to capitalize on this much needed reprieve. Lillian's bone breaking knee strikes had taken a thorough toll on him as he found it quite daunting just to have himself keep moving in a straight line. One of the strikes must have almost cracked his pelvic girdle in half along with a few of his lower ribs.

Nevertheless, the Minotaur couldn't let this opportunity slip. Afraid to take her head on, the Minotaur surreptitiously sneaked up on her from behind. While Lillian was bending and covering her eyes in great discomfort, the Minotaur snuck in his arms under hers and got her in a full nelson hold. Lillian reacted almost immediately by standing up straight and then arching her back. In all likelihood, the Minotaur hadn’t calculated the difference in their height which proved to be a huge setback. He could barely keep his hooves on the ground let alone maintain control of his full nelson on Lillian’s towering physique. The Minotaur was not just used to sparring with bigger opponents simply because he never had to. Notwithstanding, he somehow managed to keep the full nelson in its place. Lillian’s strong neck started to hurt a bit. She was a touch impressed. At least he had some fight left in his cells, she thought. It was fun but not satisfying. Lillian got serious. It had barely been a minute but the Minotaur’s full nelson was slowly coming undone. He had given it his all but he was 100 years too early to immobilize Lillian’s titanic arms that outsized his own by a big margin. The glaring height factor wasn’t helping his chances either. He kept getting lifted off his hooves by Lillian’s relentless jerks of struggle to free herself. In the end, her much bigger and stronger arms enervated those of her challenger. The Minotaur could feel Lillian’s huge racks of trapezius pumping up against his chest as he was getting virtually coerced to rest on her enormous back with his hooves hanging clear of the ground. Lillian could feel his heart thumping against her back. “I’m in no mood to offer a free piggyback ride”, Lillian fumed. With this she grabbed the Minotaur’s neck and flung him over her shoulders in one swift move. Having landed on his hind, he blared out from the hurt he took from the impact. Lillian still couldn’t see a thing but could somehow zero in on the location of her opponent’s vitals. Clenching her fists she raised her left foot to stomp his chest flat. As soon as her dangerous foot neared his sternum, he managed to get out of its way. The beast lived. Lillian roared in fury.  


The Minotaur’s plan had backfired like a defective flintlock. All his delusions of making a dramatic comeback had crumbled in the face of harsh reality. He was now absolutely sanguine that he could not possibly hope to beat his rival in a hand-to-hand combat. She would wipe the floor with him with both hands tied behind her back. Some other form of artifice needed to be employed to gain an upper hand. Something that could radically increase his chance to bring the impervious Amazon down on her all fours. A stray femur bone at a distance suddenly looked very inviting. He limped forth with great effort and picked it up. Lillian still couldn't see properly and had to continue relying on her keen senses. Wary of her Herculean strength and unbreakable holds, the Minotaur couldn't move at close quarters lest she cracked his skull open for good. He kept at a safe distance and started assaulting her with his new weapon of choice. Lillian tried to fight off all the dirt in her eyes at the same time, she tried to parry his blows. She couldn’t stave off most of them but she was far from relinquishing her position in the face off. The beast kept battering her down with the femur as he on his part, had to stay clear of Lillian's aggressive hands and legs that were wildly going for either his vocal cords or his crotch or perhaps even his skull. In his heart he knew very well that if she had gotten hold of him in any way imaginable, it would have rung his death knell then and there itself. Lillian by that time had tanked quite a few powerful hits that made her realize that her opponent sure packed a punch if he wished to put his heart into it. She was getting immensely hurt but at the same time was getting regaled by the thought that the Minotaur was no pushover. The only reason she could turn the tables on him was because she was naturally athletic and unusually powerful. Sneaky or not, he was a worthy opponent. He was not someone who could be cut down easily by any average sized human. Her men didn't die in vain and she wouldn't have let their deaths go to waste either. It was no setup. They didn’t have any part to play in this in any way she could think of. She might have been a hardliner at times but that’s exactly how they thought she ought to be in order to enforce law and order. They all loved her and believed that she was their last resort. They knew that only she could trounce this dweller of darkness. She wasn’t risking her life for nothing. She was their last ray of hope. Lillian’s nagging suspicions were finally put to rest. She chortled as her face lit up.  

Flummoxed by the change in her expression, the Minotaur hit back even harder. Lillian shuddered in pain but burst out into a guffaw almost immediately. The beast had had it. He decided to go for the kill. Still hurting from Lillian's knee strikes the Minotaur somehow managed to pick up his heavy battle axe which hadn’t exactly served him the way he would have wanted it to. He found himself an elevated ground from where he could take aim and bring his axe down on Lillian's head. Whatever he had to do he needed do that quickly.


Lillian's vision was still not clear and she was aching all over from the hits she took. She tried focusing again. Any small mistake could prove to be her last. The Minotaur had taken his position to strike. Lillian turned towards his direction and could see his wraith like silhouette. She took a deep breath and just stayed still. Out came the battle cry as the imp raised his axe with a huge leap aiming straight for Lillian's head. Lillian didn’t fret. The moment he came within her hand’s reach, she extended her long left arm and grabbed him by his throat. The battle axe spun out of his hands and landed behind Lillian’s huge shadow draping the ground beneath her.  The Minotaur was stunned from this unforeseen mid-air counterstrike. Thus with a punishing mid-air choke hold, she had him begging for his life once again.

Lillian was choking the monster holding him up in the air with just one hand. Spittle and blood dripped from the sides of his mouth as he desperately tried to find a fictitious foothold.  Lillian’s thumb was threatening to crush his tonsil as he rigorously tried to loosen her taut grip. Legs flailing in the middle of the air and tongue protruding out ungainly, the Minotaur was slowly passing out from this extraordinary throatlift that was being executed so prudently by the beautiful Amazon. Lillian had thus bought herself enough time to wipe her eyes clean using her other hand. She could feel her left hand dripping with warm foam gushing out of her victim’s throbbing mouth. Sensing the stillness of her prey she released her clutch without warning. The Minotaur was about to hit the floor obeying gravity but was stopped halfway through his course of descend. Lillian had caught him in an embrace. It took him some time to regain full consciousness but the moment he did, the Minotaur could fully reckon what kind of a peril he was actually in. He slowly felt himself getting constricted from all ends while his legs were freely hanging around Lillian’s sumptuous hips. Yes. She had got him ensnared in a stupendous bearhug! Her robust arms that looked hazardously big, felt like giant pistons sandwiching him against Lillian’s large arrogant breasts. The Minotaur went vociferous with a shrill squeal reminiscent of a pig getting slaughtered. Lillian had taken a wide powerful stance which gave the impression that she would like to see it all the way through. Her long muscular legs looked more imposing than ever. They made the Minotaur’s hinds look like balsa sticks hanging right next to them. She grinned mischievously as she could feel her muscley arms brutally ravaging her victim's torso. She would tense her brick hard pectorals, rag-doll him and then come to a shuddering stop only to repeat the process all over again. She was completely taking him apart this way. The Minotaur coughed, spitted, snorted, cried and pounded on her large back that looked like it was chiseled out of marble. No one had ever broken free from her mighty bearhug. She had used this move a lot when she had to fight armed bandits with her bare hands. None lived to tell the story. The Minotaur was phasing out fast after a brief state of frenzy. Lillian gnashed her teeth and ratcheted up the pressure a couple of notches. She was happy with the resulting sounds of bones buckling and cracking from the killer hold she had him in. He had been hoisted up completely with his lifeless legs hanging over Lillian's powerful pillar like gams, his mouth wide open, his tongue rolling out, his head lolling freely around on his neck. Lillian stayed put and continued abusing him.  


The Minotaur's head and arms came to a rest over her big powerful shoulders. She strolled around idly for a minute slinging and swinging him around before finally releasing her punishing grip. The Minotaur literally trickled down her mighty legs until his chin rested on her beautiful feet. Given Lillian's lofty stature, the whole process of descending seemed like eternity before he could finally reach the ground. He was twitching and foaming at the mouth on one end while peeing out blood at the other. Lillian had done in his kidneys. “How slovenly”, she muttered. She then threatened to crush his skull as she curb stomped him with her huge heavy foot right before flipping him over with just a tiny push from her toes. 

Lillian examined the Minotaur’s abused body closely. His shrunk shoulders and wedged chest were alluding of his impending demise. The brief intermission was destined to get tossed away as she was raring to resume the next session of her bloodthirsty modus operandi. Without a hint of remorse she sat down by his emaciated side. She wasn't willing to put him out of his misery yet. In fact, she was just starting to enjoy herself. An irate goddess needed to be appeased and the Minotaur was the sacrificial lamb offered to her. She slid her right foot under his hurting waist and with a quick left foot, pulled his battered body high up between her thickly muscled thighs. "Fits like a glove. This will cause you immense distress. You’d rather I dip you in a stream of lava than make you go through what’s coming your way next. I can’t really guarantee your survival this time, so yah….do your worst, kid." She said curtly as she locked her thick ankles. That was it! She had enmeshed him in her signature submission move. The feared body scissors!!  The hold that had purged veteran gladiators in the past like clay dolls, had got the Minotaur crying like a newborn pressed in between them. She had simply lost count of all the lives she had devoured with this hellish wrestling hold that only a handful could properly use in their lifetime. Lillian had not only learnt the technique from her late mother but had mastered it to perfection in her teens. Her lower extremities were just awfully well built. They had instigated mortal fear in the hearts of everyone who had seen them live in action. If she wasn’t breaking bodies over her huge knee it would mean that she was busy scissoring them instead. Once she had snaked those inexplicably long brawny legs around her opponent or opponents as per the case, there was no escaping them. She was sitting quite comfortably keeping herself propped on her arms as her colossal hungry thighs were doing all the damage right in front of her. The  ‘As strong as an ox’ adage, that had always been favored to describe large hunky men in her time, was running a great risk of losing the superlative ring to it forever in the light of the ox itself getting crushed that badly in between the concrete hard giant wads of thick female thighs. They were gobbling up whatever was left of the taxing bastard who was slowly plummeting into the darkest ravines of death. The Minotaur ran his clueless hands over what felt like goliath monoliths carved out of a mountain. For every small movement Lillian would pick up from him, she would reciprocate instantly by pouring indiscriminate doses of crushing power into the vast span of her divine quads and hams which had deftly enveloped nearly every inch of his upper body. Every jounce of her squeeze felt more invasive than its immediate predecessor. The small of his waist struggled to accommodate all the mass that was getting shoved out by Lillian’s savage pythons. It was just impossible for any mortal to live through the type of calamity she could bring to bare so easily with those iconic legs on her. Trained and nourished for years, they were engineered to brutalize, dismember and annihilate anything that would come their way.


The Minotaur’s muzzle was frothing. His blood shot eyes had rolled back in head as his waterworks were maxing themselves out. He flailed and gagged, coughed and puked, choked and farted all the way while scratching and banging on his oppressor's huge burly thighs. His mid section had almost disappeared into the deepest burrows of her leg jail. His best efforts to nudge Lillian’s raging thighs came a cropper when she rewarded him with further jolts of squeeze from her twin, man-crushing steely slabs of thick, rippling muscle. The more he would flutter the more her legs would squeeze him down to size. Despite his best efforts he couldn't pry open her gargantuan rock-hard calves. His absolute inability to find a single soft spot on their smooth expanse proved exactly why Lillian’s stonking calves were so celebrated everywhere she had traveled. The harrowing boulders of muscle were locked so menacingly tight that it felt like they were screwed in together with iron bolts. Unable to handle this leggy assault anymore, The Minotaur emanated a peculiar shriek before finally going motionless between Lillian’s unforgiving gams of death. He knew he was doomed to die. Her stocky thighs had pumped up immensely as they kept constricting his mid section into a messy clod of whipped lardo. Lillian could hear a lot of popping and cracking. They were very familiar sound effects of multiple ribs collapsing like twigs in between her gigantic mashers. The Minotaur was a ruminant. If he had lost one of his two stomachs to Lillian’s bearhug earlier he surely lost the remaining one to her unstoppable body scissors. His torso had buckled precariously. The pain receptors around his wedged chest were already overworked. He couldn’t breathe properly as his lungs must have got skewered by his own broken ribs. He could only manage to wag slowly now, trying to transpire the horrible pain from the paralyzing pressure Lillian’s thighs had subjected him to.


Lillian was brimming with thrill. It egged her on to keep punishing her devastated prey. She could easily make out the tapestry of deathly look that had painted itself on her victim's face. Her heartless thighs were unpretentiously grinding against the deep chasms that they had produced. This much damage when she wasn't even going full throttle. Pivoting herself up  and around on her toes, she turned on her side bringing her arms together as her legs effortlessly raised the Minotaur's mushed body from the ground just before they had started twisting and wringing it in between them. She was still not feeling full. She then lay down on her back and spread her arms over the ground as she effortlessly hoisted up his throbbing body in the air with her mountainous thighs and started squeezing it all over again. Held in between Lillian’s legs, The Minotaur was now flailing mid air like a wooden puppet while still getting sliced in half by rocking waves of whopping crushing power, channeling up Lillian’s huge beefy hams straight from the lower edges of her thunderous rumps! He couldn’t even find a support to rest his neck or head or just his arms and legs.  An aerial body scissor. It was a sight to behold!  Lillian was the ultimate embodiment of indomitable female power. The Minotaur was half way across river Styx. Lillian squeezed on. The hairy tuft of his rudderless tail would brush against her vulva every now and then. The tickling sensation made her giggle as well horny. Aroused, she started mashing him all the more with her evil pair of legs until the tail wasn’t wagging any more.   

After what seemed like ages, Lillian got aware of her victim's absolute lack of mobility. She restrained herself yet again from finishing him off. She restored to her former sitting posture and stopped squeezing him. She finally unlocked her ankles and released his torso which was now looking evidently depleted. She kicked him in his navel that made him roll over like a log. Lillian sat there for a while staring at her work of art. The Minotaur was in shambles. The only thing holding him together was his hairy hide. Lillian couldn’t have felt any more proud of her big beautiful muscular legs which were undoubtedly the strongest part of her body.


After a while, she got up on her feet but not before slipping her huge arms under his armpits and locking them above his neck. It was her turn to produce a full nelson now. One that was flawless. She wanted to teach the cursed soul exactly how it was done. Quite obviously unlike her adversary, she had no trouble in executing the abrasive hold on her victim. She made it look like child’s play as the Minotaur’s body seemed like it had been hung out to dry from Lillian’s goliath arms. Even at 100%, the beast could not have hoped to free himself from his tormentor’s arms so it was needless to say that his prospects weren’t looking very promising in the light of his present condition. His saggy shoulders had got tucked away somewhere in the strangulating triangle that Lillian’s large flexed arms had devised. She could have easily snapped his neck without breaking a sweat. However the dearth in feedback from her groveling victim made her go easy on the intensity. The Minotaur’s scapulae had winged. She must have dislocated his shoulders already without even trying much but it turned out that she had become totally oblivious to her victim’s infinite plight.



Soon Lillian could be seen cradling him around in her full nelson hold, taking soft easy steps while crooning a tune she had picked up during her recent trip. The Minotaur’s haggard body was swinging sideways, diligently obeying the laws of physics. It was as if Lillian was putting her naughty child to sleep. The Minotaur had become a hunk of junk now. A total wreck. Lillian already knew that it was long over. Her job there was done for good and her mind had already teleported somewhere else altogether. She had begun crunching numbers in her head regarding the state’s military budget or the taxes she could possibly levy. After having loitered like that for quite a while she found herself standing right next to the bed of charred rocks she first saw when she came into this chamber. Lillian’s mind suddenly came back to her surroundings. She sighed. She released her tireless hold on the Minotaur and plonked him on the ground with marked disdain. The anatomy of his back had been visibly disrupted. Lillian turned him over with her foot to have a good look at his face. She was happy with the expression it had.


The Minotaur was lying supine at her feet. His disoriented huffs and puffs connoted the pitiful state he was in. Seeing him all sprawled out like that, a fleeting urge to trample him came over Lillian. She indulged herself accordingly. She stood in between his legs that were spread far and wide. Starting with his tail and then his legs, she slowly started moving up to his crotch, waist, belly, chest, arms & neck….her cruel pair of Amazonian feet didn’t spare an inch of his raddled body. She could feel his spleen burst and his liver lose a lobe or two. His ribs were getting shattered rhythmically. His knuckles split like splinters. His displaced clavicles jarred. Lillian trod on. Her merciless feet trampled him all over. It was as if she was wiping her feet on her newly found doormat. Lillian suddenly missed her little sister Ruby :iconhell-queen-ruby:. She would have joined her gladly for a joint trample routine. It was their most favorite pastime marking their occasional get together parties. The Minotaur’s chest had practically caved in under such oppressive weight. He was slowly starting to look quaintly amorphous. His body beneath her literally felt like a dough that she was kneading into a flubbery mess of meat with her beautiful bare feet. “What’s the matter honey? Don’t you like this invigorating massage session?” she teased. “I’ll bust all the stress that’s built up in your little muscles.” All she was busting was the Minotaur himself. Her feet would smooth out every little odd bump obstructing their way. The agony was of the worst kind. He kept fainting as he regurgitated at regular intervals under the earth shattering pressure of her massive feet. The crucible was especially intolerable at times when Lillian would suddenly stop moving altogether and just stand still for minutes together, allowing the wailing oaf beneath her get a real good feel of her full body weight. 650lbs+ of pure female muscle. The Minotaur was crying his eyes out. He was actually lucky to still have them in place. Lillian on the other hand would just take care to adjust her balance and continue trampling him without a care in the world.


Moments later she stopped trampling him. She had taken great care not to step on his skull or throat, lest she ended up killing him in one go. Only she would know how hard it must have been for her to curb her urge of liquefying his brain under her heel. She alighted from his marauded body and brought her fingers near his driveling nostrils. He was still alive. Paralyzed but still hanging on. Barely. She gave a sigh of relief. The Minotaur’s torso looked oddly distended from all the internal hemorrhage; his once proud washboard abs now looked like a spread of meatloaf. Her feet had produced numerous bluish blotches in all four quadrants of his abdomen. His rattled body was fraught with Lillian’s massive footprints. “Hehe, I leave quite a mark, don’t I troll?”, Lillian snickered. She turned him over and stepped on his lower back with one of her feet. Pinning him down like that, she grabbed his right arm and right leg and stretched them up to form an arc. The Minotaur twitched from the assailment and then fell silent once again. Thus confirming her victim's absolute lack of mobility, she got ready to finish things off. There was really nothing left in him that could further entertain her in any way. Not even the idea of trampling his back enticed her anymore. Her vapid victim was looking more innocuous than live baits she’d use to catch a trout. She had protracted his execution process fairly long for all the trouble she was given. It was time to move on and so she did. With his life hanging in balance, she dragged the Minotaur on to the top of the rocks.


Insouciant to her prey’s morbidity, Lillian looked at him with piercing condescendence. She had completely vanquished the evil that had plagued her queendom. It had all come to a full circle. The Minotaur was lying exactly where he had been roasting human meat for fodder. What had been his secret campfire site until a little while ago, had now turned into his own sacrificial altar. "In-your-face kind of irony, isn't it?" Lillian asked the fallen beast while propping up his chin with her beautiful big toe. The waning Minotaur was seeing stars. Lillian looked around for his battle axe until she spotted it lying at a distance. She plucked it like a chicken leg and threw it near him. "Here", she ordered. "Here’s your lucky break. Take your best shot, creep. Chop me up. This is really your last chance." The Minotaur could only manage some frail gurgling sounds in response. He was choking on his own blood. Most of his innards were smooshed. His throbbing flanks had flared up at irregular pockets owing to Lillian’s bestial oppression with her gigantic feet. He couldn’t even figure out the appropriate posture that could have possibly helped abate this appalling trauma. Seeing a delay in response, Lillian pressed down on his cracked ribs with her toes. “Well????”, she scoffed as she wiggled them. The Minotaur wailed out like a puppy and latched himself on to Lillian’s big left leg begging her to lift it. Lillian wasn’t moved at all by his earnest efforts. Her Amazonian toes were firmly docked on his broken ribs, exacerbating the spasm far beyond his pain threshold when she would wiggle them in between her taunts. He was already in his death throes but realizing that Lillian was seriously not planning on taking any prisoner, he felt that he just had to make one last-ditch effort to go for the axe. After all, a drowning man would clutch at a straw.

Lillian gently stepped on the axe blade with the ball of her right foot. The Minotaur couldn't move the axe anymore, not that he could move it in his current state anyway. Lillian's scissors had plundered him of the very last drop of his life force. The subsequent full nelson and the long spell of trampling that followed next had driven the final nail in his coffin. Lillian felt him letting up on her. Without showcasing an iota of emotion on her face, she lifted her mighty left foot from his sore ribs. He was mistaken if he thought that she had a change of heart as Lillian almost immediately, brought her left foot down heavily on the Minotaur's genitals. Unapologetic and ruthless, she kept trampling his groin as if she was extracting grape juice. The poor soul let out an ear-splitting bawl as Lillian could vaguely feel the tragic death of his family jewels under her sadistic feet as they popped them like cranberries beneath them. Lillian didn’t budge one bit. There was no stopping her.


The minotaur was completely at her disposal. He was at the end of his rope, the other end being pressed under Lillian’s foot. Lillian wouldn’t let him fall to his death unless and until she wished to let go of that other end. However she had had enough. Time to wrap things up, she thought. Her large mitts finally clutched the Minotaur's jaws together. So powerful was her viselike grip that her mighty fingers tore into his face as his nose ring got etched into his snout under the alarming pressure of her left palm. Her probing left thumb lacerated his gum severely and took out several of his teeth along the way. She had once crushed a rogue ogre’s head with just one hand when she had tried her ‘iron-claw’ technique for the first time. This time however she had something else in mind.  She was pressing down his jaws together so that he couldn’t even part his lips to cry from all the pain. "So, this is the mouth that has been munching on my men, huh?", her voice thundered. The Minotaur could mimic a feeble moan in response. "No more binge eating, ugly." With this, Lillian tightened her grip further on his jaws and started tearing them apart with brute strength. The Minotaur, howled out his death cry. He was being forced to open his mouth wider than he ever wished for. He could hear his own jawbone getting ripped out of its sockets as jets of blood spurted out from all the ruptured arteries. His mouth was getting torn off from the rest of his skull as his facial skin was getting peeled off like onion scales. His tongue was coming off its floor inch by inch as Lillian kept tugging fiercely at his lower jaw. Out of impulse, he clawed violently at Lillian’s mighty arms as his weakened legs and tail fluttered in anguish. Lillian however, didn't flinch even once the whole time. All that she could feel were some weak scratches from an infant on her arms that lasted not more than merely a few seconds.


The Minotaur’s outmuscled arms finally dropped to his sides. Lillian could slowly feel his convulsing body, which she was still being stamped on viciously, finally come to rest. By that time, Lillian had crushed his pelvis to rubble under her left foot. Without batting an eyelid she still continued ripping his jaws apart until she had rid him of it completely. She didn’t let go of his upper jaw as she allowed all the blood to drain out until she made sure there was no more. She released his skull as his ghastly cadaver slumped on the rocks, splashing into his own pool of blood. Neither was there a yell of triumph, nor was there any theatrical victory pose. Having the slain Minotaur’s groin still pinned under her left foot, Lillian just stood there staring at her kill. She was as unperturbed as a monk studying sutras. Action speaks louder than words. She had spoken. THE QUEEN had spoken.     

Lillian's subjects were getting restless. The sunrise was indeed pretty but had they lost their queen, it would have meant that the sun had set on the future of their nation instead. They could not have survived for long in that era of turmoil if they didn’t have their hallowed deliverer, Queen Lillian to lead them by the nose. Only she could tell what lay in the best of their interests. They didn’t know how they could possibly hope to express their gratitude to her for everything she had done for them up to that point. Even their lifelong servitude would fail to do justice to her services. If life had any meaning for them it was all because Lillian had allowed them to take refuge under her safe aegis. But what was going to happen now? Was their Queen coming back to them in one piece? Or was she destined to lose her life on that day?  Almost an hour had passed since she had disappeared into the shelter of the grisly cannibal. If one didn't know better he would have surely assumed that the queen's subjects had given up on her. However, even if one single follower had started fearing the worst it would have meant that all his anxiety was meant to vaporize in the face of what lay in store for him in the next few minutes.

Amidst all the speculations and murmurs, a faint but melodious humming started sipping through. The tune sounded very familiar. At first it came across to everyone as a muffled echo until it started becoming quite audible for everyone to hear. The mob went euphoric. Flood gates of emotional tears suddenly flung open. There was no mistaking it. It was their favorite victory anthem. It dawned on them that it was their dear queen who was humming the tune. So she must have had exorcized their worst nightmare after all, they concluded. In the Lord’s name, she had really done it! Albeit they were yet to catch a glimpse of their swashbuckling heroine, they clamored unanimously before joining her in chorus. They sang all the way to the end as their beloved queen Lillian finally came into sight. There she was, standing tall, looking stronger than ever, holding the Minotaur's torn off lower jaw in her right hand as her big powerful left shoulder acted as the final resting place of his corpse. Everyone got plunged into disbelief at the epic display of such prodigious strength. Was that really the notorious vile knave they were all so terrified of?  Yes it surely was but somehow that was hard to imagine, since their Amazonian queen was dwarfing the slain monster by a comfortable margin. Not only had she avenged her people, but she had gone a step ahead and made a complete mockery out of the rabid deuce. The monster that no one could collectively beat, had been single handedly manhandled by the mighty muscle goddess, who was exiting the cave in her usual jaw-dropping queenly gait.


Lillian’s very presence at that moment would have struck fear in the hearts of her enemies. Smeared in her prey’s blood, she looked like the grim reaper himself. Only, the grim reaper had never looked so pretty. Everyone was confounded by Lillian’s dexterity, taking into accounts, the steep scale of difficulty her assignment had promised her. Her extraordinary feat, which was due to get archived in the annals of history, was mankind’s first answer to the crisis he was facing from the burgeoning monsters. What others couldn’t achieve over weeks had been done and dealt with by their queen in less than half an hour. It was their queen who had deliberately prolonged the slaying operation for her own delight. The big bully got bullied himself. The same horrendous monster that had rocked the status of Lillian as a queen, had been now reduced to a vestige. Their queen had literally threshed the devil’s life out of him. He looked gruesomely mauled. She had butchered him with her bare hands. The Minotaur had perished. Helplessly so. The silence was getting deafening. Lillian could register the scale of their awe but she just wanted to get on with it. Reeking of Minotaur blood and excretion, she could surely use a nice hot shower. Plus she was starving. So she casually shrugged and broke the silence. "Steak for dinner anyone?" she asked flashing her trademark smirk as she patted the corpse nestled on her ever reliable shoulder. Her followers finally came to and hollered loudly. A bedlam of “Queen for all and all for Queen! Hail Her Majesty!” reverberated across the hills as they all kneeled and aligned themselves to give their one-in-a million queen the guard of honor she so rightfully deserved. Thus Lillian had put mankind right back at the top of the food chain and she only had herself to credit for that.


The news of her exemplary achievement traversed through distant continents in no time. Lillian had become a household name over a fortnight. She was getting widely accepted as a heaven sent messiah who would step up to smite all evil and protect those who couldn’t defend themselves. More often than not, her expertise would be solicited in mowing down the malevolent breeds of humanoids that were still wrecking great havoc across various nations across the globe. Lillian along with her men tore through their ranks one by one and advocated her very own brand of peace and prosperity. New territories were annexed and her dominion expanded far beyond any of her predecessors' wildest imagination. Long live the mighty Queen.  





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